Is a roller chain the same as a drive chain?

Of course, a roller chain and a China drive chain supplier chain generally refer to the very same form of chain. A roller chain, China drive chain also recognised as a push chain, is a style of chain precisely made for electric power transmission purposes. It consists of a series of interconnected back links, with every single backlink having internal and outer plates, pins, and rollers.

The roller chain is normally made use of in various mechanical units to transmit electrical power from just one rotating shaft or sprocket to an additional. It is greatly employed in purposes these kinds of as bikes, bicycles, industrial machinery, conveyors, and automotive systems.

The phrase “generate chain” is often used to emphasize its role in transmitting ability and driving movement. It highlights the fact that the chain is accountable for transferring rotational force from a electricity source, these as an motor or motor, to yet another ingredient or method.

So, in standard, roller chain and drive chain can be utilised interchangeably to refer to the identical style of chain used for power transmission applications.