Spline Bushings

Since 1978, WLY transmission has been manufacturing hydraulic components, including spline shafts and bushings. We can repair hydraulic pumps, motors and valves, as well as overhaul barrels, paddles, pressure plates and oval rings. We distribute a number of internationally recognized brands in order to provide our customers with high-quality products.

Company Profile

WLY transmission was established in 1988 and has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing drive shafts, cardan shafts, steering shafts, and power output shafts. Not only we also provide various spare parts for industrial, automotive and agricultural machinery.

Our factory has strong technical force, sophisticated equipment and perfect testing methods to ensure product quality. We have obtained the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certificate.Can provide services including design, development, testing and transportation.We are happy to serve a diverse number of wholesalers, traders, factories and OE buyers around the world.
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Function of  bushing

Spline Bushing has high flexibility and can play many roles. Generally speaking, bushing is a kind of component to protect equipment. The use of bushing can reduce the wear, vibration and noise of equipment, and has anti-corrosion effect. The use of bushing can also facilitate the maintenance of mechanical equipment and simplify the structure and manufacturing process of equipment.

Bushing Material

The material of the bushing is mostly soft metal, rubber, nylon and non-metallic polymers. The texture of these materials is relatively soft. The bushing can withstand vibration, friction and corrosion to protect the wrapped parts, and the bushing itself is replaced after damage Convenience, low cost and good economy.

For any type of spline sleeve, our team can process parts according to your needs. Our inventory includes: more than 100 different types of spline bushings for hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.

Expert service!

In addition to our 40 years of experience, we have also obtained Kaizen certification and we are a member of the Canadian Fluid Energy Association and STIQ. These approvals help us ensure that the quality of our products and services is impeccable.

The most advanced equipment!

In order to meet the needs of customers, we have established more than one test bench, where we conduct pressure flow and leakage tests, and are equipped with an induction machine. Our team can perform tasks that require drilling, machining, chrome plating, grinding, etc.

Tailor-made solutions!

We provide you with a wide range of in-house manufactured products. Call our team for all your custom hydraulic projects: OEM parts, prototyping, spare parts, discontinued parts, etc.

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